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  1. Nandos Parties 2017

    Two very different events. Both very awesome. 

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  2. Nandos - The Grill-Off

    Nandos certainly know how to party! 

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  3. Lisa's Halloween Birthday

    Many happy returns to Lisa who had a fantastic Halloween themed birthday party. For your party email directly -

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  4. Demitri + Marc's engagement

    A wonderful engagement party. Congratulations to the happy couple. Photography by Light Stalker. To have me help organise your event, DJ at your party, provide your photographer, and produce your commemorative video just email me -

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  5. Family Fun Day + Just Be 90's 2015

    The 3rd annual fundraiser for Iain Rennie. This year we raised £5'000. In no small part thanks to having 90's legends EAST 17 perform. If your event needs organising email me on Enjoy 

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  6. Family Fun Day and Just Be 90's

    2014's superb fundraiser for Iain Rennie Hospice at Home. We raised £4000 for a great cause in memory of Josh O'malley. See you next year for the next one! 

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  7. BPM 2014

    whilst leaving BPM show this year we stopped to look at DMC legends having a jam session. they offered it out to the crowd and my buddy DJ VERSATILE shoulder barged me forward. 

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  8. Foam Party clip

    Unfortunately due to my HD dying early last year I lost all footage - so i shall start posting phone video clips whilst picking up the slack. Here's The Whale Buckingham's last night under the original owners. EPIC FOAM PARTY 

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  9. Spring Break 2013 Austria

    My first time boarding on a mountain and I LOVED IT
    HUGE thanks to Whitelines Magazine and BUTTA Wax ... stay tuned

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  10. Bunderberg New Years Eve 2012-13

    One nightclub, Sugarland Tavern, Bunderberg Australia.


    what an AWESOME 2 night event !



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  11. 2012 round up

    Some travels, some gigs and the big leap to Australia. 
    Available for hire worldwide. Thanks for all the support! 

    Bring on 2013 

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  12. launch video

    official launch video . 

    available for hire WORLDWIDE  

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  13. Drake on a chat room?

    was it the real drake ? who knows , but that was 100% unlplanned and 100% live and genuine ..!!

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  14. New Years Eve - Soprano Club - Al Wadi Hotel - Sohar - Oman.

    Possibly one of the craziest new year's parties I have witnessed. With many parties going on all over the hotel complex, catering to all different tastes the atmosphere was incredible . 

    Sohar, what a crowd. Give yourselves a pat o

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  15. Soprano Club - Al Wadi Hotel - Sohar - Oman - 2nd June 2011

    Another incredible night in beautiful Oman. 

    Big thanks going out to all the management and staff that work so hard to make it happen.

    Also, of course, i must say thank you to the hard partying crowd of Sohar. you guys

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  16. halloween 2010 - rockafellas corby

    Halloween in the east midlands. At the incredible Rockafellas night club Corby. 

    Thanks so much to my fire poi dancing crew that came and all those that dressed for the occasion.  

    Corby i salute you !  

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